Signs You Need To Visit A Dentist Launceston

Prevention is always better than cure. This principle also applies to dental care. Therefore, it is essential to visit your dentist regularly for a checkup. A regular dental check-up is necessary as it ensures that your teeth are in good shape and any issue is dealt with at the right time. There are dental signs you might experience that require you to visit your dentist. Here are some of these dental signs.


Regardless of the type or magnitude of pain, you might experience, you should visit a dentist for a further check-up. Tooth pain might mean that your dental pulp is infected, so there is a need for treatment. You should never sit back and think that the pain will heal on its own. If the problem leading to the pain is not addressed by a dentist, it might escalate into a major problem that might be hard to treat afterward. Other forms of pain that call you to visit your dentist include frequent headaches or aching jaw. Such pains might be signs of bruxism, and your dentist will be of great help.

Bleeding gums and mouth sores

In most cases, mouth sores go away without any treatment. However, it is good to know that they can be signs of a disease or an infection. Thus, you should have them checked when they appear. In case you realise that you have bleeding gums after you floss or brushing, you need to seek help from your dentist. This is more important if you are using a soft brush that cannot lead to the bleeding. Note that bleeding gums are the first signs that you have gum disease, so never ignore them.

Problem with your past dental work

In case you have some work done on your dental work, it is good to ensure that everything is intact. If you realise that there is a problem with it, you need to visit a dentist to have the issue rectified. In case the issue is not fixed, it might get worse leading to significant problems. A chipped or cracked crown should be repaired fast to ensure there is no infection. Fillings that have worn out should also be replaced to control bacteria from thriving inside the gaps between the filling and tooth.

Serious health concerns

Severe medical conditions such as gum disease, diabetes or eating disorders can have detrimental effects on your oral health. Some of the medications given can lead to dry mouth that can compromise your dental health. Therefore, if you suffer from a chronic disease or there are medications prescribed, it is essential to ensure that your dentist Launceston knows this. This helps the dentist offer the right treatment or understand how to deal with the issues that arise.

Signs of bad breath

Bad breathe a sign that you have a dental or oral issue. The bad breath might be a sign of gum disease or other health issues. If you have a problem trying to keep a fresh breath, you need to visit Dr Daniel Tan Dentistry for further check up to recognise the underlying issue.