Plants add life to any decor. However, most people do not fancy the idea of having real plants around as they do not have the time to care for them. If you fall under this category, you can still enjoy the appealing look an actual plant has to offer your home by using artificial plants. They require less maintenance because of their synthetic nature. But buying a plastic plant from a Fake Plant Store is not enough. You still need to know how to make it look real and appealing to your guests. Here are a few tips on making your artificial plants lifelike.

Choose the Right Artificial Plant

When buying a fake plant, it is always best to choose the plant in person. This way, you can carefully check its quality, colour and texture to ensure it blends with your space. This plays a crucial role when it comes to giving a realistic impression in your décor. You can also choose to buy an artificial plant online although digital images are never a clear indication of good quality.

Put Natural Materials in the Container

After purchasing a plastic plant that suits your needs, you can go an extra step of making it realistic by adding organic materials to its bowl. For example, you can add sand, smooth pebbles and dry twigs to make it look like an actual plant. These simple additions can fool the eye into believing it’s a real plant.

Avoid Symmetry of Plants

Perfect symmetry can easily scream out “fake” in your décor. However, having a few imperfections in your artificial plants such as crooked stems and branches might sell it to be real. You can remove some leaves on one side to make it less bushy than the other. Another tip is placing the plant in a room where the leafy side receives more light.

Mix Fake Plants with Real Ones

Having a mixture of real and artificial plants will give your décor a stylish look that appears natural to everyone. A great way of doing this is adding an actual potted plant into a group of artificial plants or putting a vase of fresh flowers among fake ones. Remember to replace them when they dry up or die.

Pick a Believable Location

It is essential to place your artificial plant in a place where it could thrive if it were real. This means taking into consideration factors such as air and sunlight, which are necessary for real plants to grow. So you cannot place your artificial plant in a dark comer and hope people believe it is real. Place the plant in a position where it does not receive too much scrutiny or interference like on a top shelf.

Making Artificial Plants Australia Look Real